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Poseidon Waterfowl

Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

Daily Rate Per Person $250

$1000 Minimum Per Day

Poseidon Waterfowl offers some of the finest, action packed, in your face decoying birds and waterfowl hunting on the famous Chesapeake Bay and its surrounding waters.  Our goal is to provide you with the best waterfowl hunting experience possible!  We take pride in our commitment to accommodate the best waterfowl hunting possible.

Lodging not included

  • Surf Scoter

  • Common Scoter

  • White Wing Scoter

  • Old Squaw / Long Tailed Duck

  • Canvasback

  • Lesser & Greater Scaup / Bluebill

  • Redhead

  • Goldeneye

  • Bufflehead

Michael Guard

(301) 748-8124


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